Why Hire Us?



Fancy Fresh Living has a very dedicated staff that holds great pride in our attention to detail. We know that the little things matter, and knowing each of our individual clients helps ensure that each house receives the very best service. If you’re home sick on cleaning day, we’ll make sure to prepare your favorite hot tea. Family dropped in for an unexpected visit? We’ll go to the store for you AND clean your kitchen before they arrive! We love to make life easy with a service that is diligent, reliable and personal.

We look forward to serving you!


Licensed, Insured and Bonded!


Fancy Fresh Living llc. is a West Virginia State Certified business. We are also insured to provide coverage for any accidents to any of our clients belongings and for our staff, if injured on the job. Each of our trained staff members have certified Trust Bonds to ensure liability of any accidents throughout the course of your service.