What To Expect

Schedule your in-home or on location consultation. We like to quote all tasks as we see them to avoid any change in prices upon completion of the job. Seeing each home/location makes for an accurate price quote and a more thorough understanding of each project on hand. During your consultation you will describe, in detail, the service that you are requesting and at that time you will receive an exact quote. Upon signing your client contract for your service, you will receive a Fancy Fresh Living pamphlet of services, your time will be held in our schedule and your service will begin.
Before each service you should have your payment (if you haven’t already payed with your credit card or via PayPal) in a visible place for the staff to receive and any notes, concerns, comments and/or separate tasks listed legibly with your payment. If you are requesting a service that requires clean linens, organizing bins, etc. please put those items in a place easily located by our team.
After your service, you will receive a receipt for services provided, a written letter from your helper/team leader about anything needing maintenance or anything noted about the service and a service review sheet, to help us make your service even better.


We look forward to serving you!