Policies and Guidelines

The ‘’Move It’’ Policy

We try to move everything just a little bit, for one reason, it assures you that we were there and we cleaned under each decor item in your home unless specifically instructed otherwise by the client.

Pet Policy

A charge of $10.00 per pet is added to each cleaning service to cover damage to our cleaning tools from pet hair and dander. UNFRIENDLY pets MUST be contained in an area clearly marked for staff to avoid during your service. If the safety of the staff is compromised during your service, the service will end immediately and the client will be contacted to reschedule the service for a time when the pet can be contained.

Time Limits

Teams of 2 shouldn’t be at an individual service for more than 3.5 hours unless otherwise scheduled to do so.


Black T-shirt, blue jeans or black slacks, long hair up in bun, close-toed shoes, Fancy Fresh Living apron, Fancy Fresh Living magnet on side of vehicle. We care about the safety of our staff! We travel in teams of 2 and have a “check-in, check-out” policy for each service, ensuring we know where the staff is at all times. Every member of our staff carries a business phone that is equipped with a tracking device and is carried on their person at all times.


Payments and Refunds

Payments of cash, LOCAL checks, major credit cards and PayPal accepted. All payments are due at the time of service. All services that are not paid in full, prior to the service, will be contingent on the signing of a contract assuring payment and including a deposit of $150 that goes towards the overall total of your services. NO REFUNDS. Services can be cancelled by Fancy Fresh Living if, a) your payment is not received before your service, or b) safety and/or security of the staff is compromised in any way throughout the duration of your services.

Canceling and Rescheduling Services

Please call or text our business phone at (304) 627-9225 to cancel or reschedule your service at least 24 hours before your scheduled service. Recurring cleaning clients are allotted ONE chance to cancel a previously scheduled service and continue said service on their next prescheduled cleaning date. Services will be continued as scheduled. Continued cancelations of scheduled cleans will result in the termination of this contract. If client terminates agreement prior to completion of services, there will be a cancellation fee of 35% of the price of the remaining services.

Credit Card and PayPal Fees

There is a 4% fee added to EACH credit card and/or PayPal transaction to cover processing fees. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Hourly Paid Jobs

There is a 3-hour minimum time limit on any custom clean, professional organizing or service that is paid hourly and is NOT already part of a preexisting cleaning service. Payments for ALL hourly paid services are expected at the time of service. Payment plan is available for services costing more than $500.00. Hourly paid services are $30 per hour for each helper on the job.

What We WON’T Do:

  • Animal Feces (litter boxes or dog potty pads)
  • Unreachable and Exterior Window
  • Carpet and Curtain Shampooing
  • Laundry
  • Toxic Waste
  • Excessive Human Waste
  • Moldy Dishes
  • Flat TV Screens

Additional Charges May Be Added For:

  • Dishes with excess cooked/baked-on food
  • Excess dusting
  • Excessive animal hair
  • Excessive soil levels