Cleaning Tips

Cleaning Tips From The Professionals


A tidy room is always easier to clean! The first step to cleaning any room is to pick up anything on the ground or clutter lying around. A quick pick up of the area also helps to avoid hurting yourself while doing your task. Opening curtains/blinds and turning on lights also helps to see all the little places that usually get looked over on a day-to-day basis.
Always dust a room top to bottom, doing this will avoid dust falling on already dust-free areas. If you plan on wiping with wet wipes or cloths, be sure to use a dry duster first to ensure the dust doesn’t smear around on shelves, collectibles or what ever hard surface you may be wiping. Don’t use wipes or “wet dusters” on cloth furniture, curtains, etc. This will just turn the dust to dirt and smear it around like dirty hand prints. With dusting, details matter! Dust gets absolutely everywhere! In, on, under and around EVERYTHING! So remember to do light bulbs inside of light fixtures and lamps, on top of ceiling fan blades and ceiling fixture piece.
Furniture can be easily dusted by both fluffing and/or using a dry duster. Swiffer dusters are really good at attracting dust and holding it so the particles aren’t later released somewhere else. These dusters work great on furniture that needs a more aggressive dusting. Rugs should always be shaken out before being vacuumed, with the longer shag rugs the vacuum tends to just push the smaller dirt into the fibers of the rug.
Leather should be cleaned and maintained regularly. Wipe leather down with a dry soft cloth to dust. Use a damp cloth and a small bar of moisturizing soap, gently dab the damp cloth on the soap and lightly scrub the leather, wiping with a soap free damp cloth to “rinse”. Saddle Soap also works wonders on keeping Leather Furniture nice and clean!
Before using wood polish, always use a dry duster! I like to use Pledge Lemon scented wood polish to brighten up old pieces of furniture and wall accents.
Be sure to never leave standing water on hard wood floors. Also, never use soap-based cleaners, vinegar, steamers or anything abrasive on any wood flooring. The best way to clean hard wood is to first sweep and dust it. Then, get a micro-fiber mop and some hot water being sure to ring out the mop thoroughly before cleaning the floor. You can always boil water with 2 teabags to put a good smell into the room as well.
Completely clear any area before cleaning each surface.
–     Glass
  1. Windex and dry soft cloth
  2. Window Cleaner
–    Marble
  1. Dish Soap and Soft Cloth
–    Quarts
  1.  Non Bleach/Non Abrasive cleaner
  2.  Vinegar and Water solution
–    Laminant
  1.  All Purpose Cleaner
  2.  Baking Soda & Household Cleaner Mixture
–    Leather
  1. Damp Cloth and Moisturizing Soap
  2. Saddle Soap
–    Wood Floors
  1. Damp Micro-Fiber Mop
  2. Boiled Water With 2 Teabags
–    Wood Surfaces
  1. Dry Duster
  2. Pledge or Wood Polish
  • Shower Curtain Rod
  • Cabinet Door Backs, Tops & Sides
  • Floor Corners
  • Light Switch & Outlet Covers
  • Wall Dust
  • Cob Webs
  • Cupboard Tops
  • Behind Toilet Seats
  • Around Handles & Knobs